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Electronic Truckload Available

Electronic Truckload Available FOB: FL 26 pallets mixed with electronics such as: Home Theaters Sound Bar System Boom boxes Portable DVD players Printers Computer Speakers Car Stereo Equipment Blu-Ray Home Theater DVD Players Blu-Ray Player and more Contact for price: 1-855-522-7283

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TV Return Loads

TV Return Loads TV return loads from major online retailer are sold as is. Pricing Is As Follows FULL TRUCK: 20% HALF TRUCK: 22% 5 Pallets: 30% These TV return loads can be purchased in the following two categories Over 47″ Under 47″ Mixed Return loads include […]

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Return Truckloads

Return truckloads – MANY AVAILABLE in all categories Return Truckloads Are Available CRATE Wholesale has many overstock, return and salvage truckloads available. Please contact us for a load you are looking for. We have too many to list. All contact information is listed below, please let us […]

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