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Welcome to CRATE Wholesale closeouts, the best place on the web for wholesale deals! Please treat inventory as subject to availability. We try to update our website on a daily basis but with fast turnaround times certain inventories and or quantities may change.



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Have Excess Inventory or Receive a Cancelled Order?

  • Do you have excess inventory?
  • Have you receive a cancelled order?
  • Has your merchandise and/or products recently gone out of date?
  • Is your merchandise approaching EOL?
  • Has your product been manufactured off spec or required guidelines?
  • Does your company have overruns?
  • Does your company need extra cash flow?

If you have closeouts or excess inventory you would like to sell, distribute or move into tier 2 & 3 markets we can help. CRATE Wholesale has the capability to move inventory quietly and efficiently without disrupting your market.


Quick Thanks To Our Customers

CRATE Wholesale wants to send a special “thank you” to all of our retail and wholesale customers. We understand how important you are to our business, and, just like any other business, we would not be around if it was not for your loyalty and support towards CRATE Wholesale. Once again, thank you.

Sincerely, All of us at CRATE

TOLL FREE at 1-855-52-CRATE (1-855-522-7283)