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CRATE Wholesale is able to market and find a buyer(s) for your products! We deal in all categories of product including frozen food, dry food, produce, electronics, housewares, HBA, C-store and many other items


CRATE is dedicated to the principle of cost effectiveness! With extensive experience, CRATE Wholesale is able to provide solutions designed to deliver the optimum logistical and re-marketing solution for customer returns and overstocks.

[wpspoiler name=”Relationships Matter” style=”wpui-blue”] CRATE Wholesale is proud to continually build quality relationships as well as maintain relationships with all of our clients and customers. We hope you will be on the list of our next satisfied client![/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Marketing” style=”wpui-blue”]CRATE Wholesale has a large range of customers from fortune 500 companies to the every day local mom & pop shops! If you have products you would like to sell on our website please contact us with your details!
Market My Products[/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Contract With CRATE Wholesale” style=”wpui-blue”]Do You Have excess inventory? Here at CRATE wholesale we can help to eliminate overstock product and turn long inventory into cash!
I HAVE ITEMS TO LIQUIDATE [/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Organizing A Trade Show?” style=”wpui-blue”]CRATE Wholesale can help advertise your trade show. Call us with the details of the show and if you have details such as a link to provide for information or internet sign up we will post the flyer on our information page.
Trade Show Info [/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”Need A Reference?” style=”wpui-blue”]CRATE Wholesale is more than willing to give positive feedback to any deserving company or person. If you would like a good reference let us know!
I Need A Reference [/wpspoiler]
CRATE Wholesale is proud to provide reliable services and products to our customers. Understanding the core elements of the closeout, salvage and discount markets is what allows CRATE Wholesale to provide the best pricing to our retail and wholesale customers.
  • Enhanced revenue due to cost effective customer returns and overstock truckloads
  • Although purchasing a truckload on the other side of the country “typically” does not make sense for retailers, CRATE Wholesale prides it self in the ability to provide cost effective shipping to all of our customers!
  • Fast, quick and simple shipping quotes! GET A QUOTE NOW!
  • The timely shipment of goods to your store within 2 business days (within a 5 state region)
  • All products that CRATE Wholesale distributes will be defined to our customers accurately and all information obtained will be disclosed so there are “NO surprises”!


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CRATE Wholesale is a dedicated wholesale and supply company here to serve your needs! We have over 10 years of total experience in the wholesale industry to ensure you your satisfaction! We handle products in all types of industries.

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Our Mission

To be the recognized leader in the liquidation industry, and to continuously build personal relationships with our customers & suppliers. CRATE Wholesale LLC is dedicated to the principles of customer expectations, integrity, responsibility and determination.

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Shop with CRATE

Click to see some of the best deals around. Whether you are looking to purchase wholesale or retail we have you covered. Special deals are added daily so be sure to check back frequently!

CRATE Wholesale also offers a page dedicated to our newest truckloads available. You can see all of there here

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