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Wholesale Truckloads for closeout buyers at at fraction of retail cost! Below you will find products available on a daily basis. Check out our NEW TRUCKLOADS page for the latest wholesale deals!

products! All merchandise is not listed on the NEW TRUCKLOADS page, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or RSS! If there is product you are looking for please let us know!

Food & Grocery

  • Banana Box Loads
  • Snacks/Candy Boxes
  • Food Service
  • Frozen Food
  • Produce
Email for pricing!

HBC & C-Store

  • 100% Manifested
  • UNBEATABLE Margins
  • Mostly New Items
  • Half or Full Truckload!
  • 16-20% Wholesale Cost!
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Gas & Tools

  • By the pallet or load!
  • New Tool Loads!
  • Used Tool loads!
  • Large Variety
  • Email Now!
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Products listed below are available at all times. If you would like to see the complete manifest for any of these items please give us a call or send us an email. These products are available by the truckload or pallet quantity! CRATE Wholesale is proud to offer these items at unbeatable prices, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Snacks & Candy

Sample Image
  • Approx 150-250 items per box
  • 24 boxes per pallet
  • 10 pallet minimum
  • roughly $150+ retail/box


Sample Image
Email for price/pallet
  • 100% manifested
  • Customers absolutely love it
  • Most items are new
  • Retailers favorite

F/S Chicken

Sample Image
Email for price/truck
  • 100% manifested
  • Customers absolutely love it
  • Huge discounts
  • Large variety
New Wholesale Truckloads Available, click here

Latest Posts

  • New Customer Return Loads
    New Customer Return Loads
    December 22, 2014 by
    Truckloads now available Condition: Customer returns Price: Contact us for price – Retail Value per Truckload: $60,000.00 – $70,000.00 Manifested? No, truckloads...
  • Wholesale Paper Loads
    Wholesale Paper Loads
    February 18, 2014 by
    Wholesale Paper Loads Wholesale Paper Loads – Overstocks and store damage Paper Load Truckloads These paper loads will be different by the load....
  • Ed Hardy Hair Accessories Closeout
    Ed Hardy Hair Accessories Closeout
    November 14, 2013 by
    Ed Hardy Hair Accessories Closeout This is a TAKE ALL OFFER ONLY! TOTAL UNITS: 69,396 CONDITION: All case packed CASE PACK: 144 units...
  • TRU Hair By Chelsea Scott
    TRU Hair By Chelsea Scott Volumizing Style Shaper Set
    November 12, 2013 by
    TRU Hair By Chelsea Scott Volumizing Style Shaper Set Large quantity available Minimum order quantity is 1,344 Units (2 Pallets double stacked). Available...
  • GM Truckload $9100.00
    GM Truckload $9100.00
    October 4, 2012 by
    GM Truckload -Returns 53′ truck 26 pallets 48′ truck 24 pallets GM Truckload Cost: $350/pallet ($9,100.00 per truck) GM FULL TRUCK PURCHASES ONLY...
  • Cereal Truckload
    Cereal Truckload
    September 27, 2012 by
    Cereal Truckloads are available multiple times per week. Each load will be different. Descriptions of cereal truckloads are as follows: Brand Name loads...
  • Luggage Truckloads Available
    Luggage Truckloads Available
    August 20, 2012 by
    Luggage Truckloads Available   New Luggage Truckloads Available! ***These are return loads*** Contact for more information. Toll Free: 1-855-522-7283...
  • Ocean Spray Closeout
    Ocean Spray Closeout
    August 16, 2012 by
    Ocean Spray Closeout   Ocean spray closeout details: 2 truckloads available (15 pallets in Wisconsin & 20 Pallets in Texas) Dates range 9-3-12...
  • Electronic Truckload Available
    Electronic Truckload Available
    July 31, 2012 by
    Electronic Truckload Available FOB: FL 26 pallets mixed with electronics such as: Home Theaters Sound Bar System Boom boxes Portable DVD players Printers...
  • TV Return Loads
    TV Return Loads
    July 27, 2012 by
    TV Return Loads TV return loads from major online retailer are sold as is. Pricing Is As Follows FULL TRUCK: 20% HALF TRUCK:...
  • return truckloads
    Return Truckloads
    July 19, 2012 by
    Return truckloads – MANY AVAILABLE in all categories Return Truckloads Are Available CRATE Wholesale has many overstock, return and salvage truckloads available. Please...
  • GM Truckload - Toys-GM-Electronics
    GM Truckload – Toys-GM-Electronics
    June 13, 2012 by
    GM Truckload includes -  Toys, GM & Electronics This load contains TOYS, GM and ELECTRONICS 95% shelf pulls TRUCKLOAD DETAILS: GM Truckload WHOLESALE...
  • Wholesale Improvement Store Houseware Truckloads
    Major Home Improvement Store – Home products Truckload
    June 5, 2012 by
    Home Improvement Truckload Major Home Improvement truckload – Home products Truckload. May include the following Flooring Shower Curtains Mirrors Faucets This home improvement...
  • Wholesale appliance Truckloads
    Wholesale Appliances – Customer Return Appliance Loads
    June 5, 2012 by
    Wholesale Appliances Wholesale Appliances – Customer Return Wholesale Appliances Truckloads These Wholesale appliances will be different by the load. Not all loads are...

Our truckloads consist of a wide variety of quality overstock returns, closeouts, liquidations, surplus, salvage and wholesale merchandise!

CRATE Wholesale is proud to provide reliable services and products to our customers. Understanding the core elements of the closeout, salvage and wholesale markets is what allows CRATE Wholesale to provide the best pricing to our retail and wholesale customers.
  • Enhanced revenue due to cost effective customer returns and overstock truckloads
  • Although purchasing a truckload on the other side of the country “typically” does not make sense for retailers, CRATE Wholesale prides it self in the ability to provide cost effective shipping to all of our customers!
  • Fast, quick and simple shipping quotes! GET A QUOTE NOW!
  • The timely shipment of goods to your store within 2 business days (within a 5 state region)
  • All products that CRATE Wholesale distributes will be defined to our customers accurately and all information obtained will be disclosed so there are “NO surprises”!